IOS - Android industrial training in Chandigarh

Android has become very good and creative platform for IT professionals who are very keen towards the app development. Android has made its own place in this competitive market. Android phone has various and unique features. To get into the sector of Android development it is important to undergo the training in the guidance of professionals because Appissh technologies provides the APIs & tools which are important and necessary to start the development of applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. Having team of experienced android trainers who can effortlessly transfer their knowledge and skills to the students through android training which is required in the Android Development.

Course Curriculum Started with Android

  • Android Activities & tasks
  • layouts & Components
  • Working on resources of Android
  • Layouts & views
  • Working on interaction events of Android
  • Accessing of resources & grouping

  • Option Menu
  • Context Menu
  • Popup Menu

  • Working with debugging applications
  • All Intent & intent filters
  • Using of Toast, Status bar, dialog notification

  • Working with sqlite
  • Sqlite open helper & creating a database
  • Opening & closing

  • MediaPlayer
  • VideoPlayer
  • Camera
  • Audio Record
  • Audio Manager
  • Text To Speech
  • Speech To Text
  • Google Voice Typing

  • Playing with graphics in Android
  • xml driven Drawing in Android
  • Best practice on Canvas drawing

  • Programmatically animations
  • Tweened animations

  • Network Connection
  • WebView
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Fragments
  • Session Management
  • Shared Preferences
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Tab Host
  • Location Based Services
  • Google Maps
  • Sensors
  • SQLite Database
  • XML Parser
  • JSON Parse

  • Types of Automation Tools(Paid & Open Source)
  • Bug Reporting Tools
  • Working on JIRA, Redmine & tools developed in the Industry
  • Working on Simulators/Emulators

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